Daily Timetable

For week commencing 25th May
Studio Cycle 45 mins06.30345 minsSpin StudioPast
Swimfit (Triathlon Development Beginners)07.30260 minsPool Sector 14Past
Body Combat09.15345 minsStudio 1Past
Studio Cycle 45 mins09.30345 minsSpin StudioPast
The Creche at Inspire09.30145 minsFunction RoomPast
Aqua Fit09.45260 minsLane 1Past
Thighs, Hips, Bums & Tums10.00360 minsStudio 2Past
Tai Chi10.10160 minsStudio 1Past
The Creche at Inspire10.15145 minsFunction RoomPast
Aqua Totz11.00145 minsLane 1Past
The Creche at Inspire11.00145 minsFunction RoomPast
Body Pump11.15360 minsStudio 1Past
The Creche at Inspire11.45145 minsFunction RoomPast
Aqua Fit12.00260 minsLane 1Past
Studio Cycle 45 mins12.15345 minsSpin StudioPast
Core Stability 30 mins18.00230 minsStudio 2Book
Studio Cycle 45 mins18.15345 minsSpin StudioBook
Fight Fit18.45360 minsStudio 2Book